The best place for your child to grow and learn Spanish!

For eight years we have welcome children to a unique, wonderful preschool experience filled with joy, love and learning. We believe that the impact of the environment during the first years of life on a child lasts a lifetime, and that all children have an enormous potential which can only be developed in a loving, fun and rich environment.

In the last decades, the importance of learning more than one language has increased in our society. Some of the reasons are cultural, professional or just personal, but there are also other advantages associated with learning more than one language.

Resent research has shown positive effect in the cognitive development and in the acquisition of literacy skills in bilingual children. This research has recently been extended to investigations of adult processing and found that lifelong bilingualism protects older adults from cognitive decline with aging.   (Learn More)

A loving, fun and rich environment

Full Spanish Immersion

Child centered curriculum

Daily music class

Art and science integrated through curriculum

Movement and Dance

Lots of attention to kids

Native speaking teachers

Pre-writing / Writing

Pre-math / Math